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Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patronage during 2011.  Much has taken place as we push through 2012, so it's time to catch up.

The pilot for "On the Lake" is finally completed and airing on NBC affiliate WNYT Channel 13 is scheduled.  For more information and video trailers about the program please visit

Three Lakes Publishing, our book publishing company was proud to publish former Upstate New York News Anchor, Ed Dague's book entitled "Six and Eleven: A Television News Anchors Story".  It was a pleasure to work with Ed on his book. 

Our most recent release is Julie Cushine-Rigg's book, "A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh: Eating Well and Safely in Upstate New York".  This book is great for anyone who wants to buy fresher, tastier and safer food in our Capital Region Area of Upstate New York.

We are currently working with Price Chopper Kid's Club personality, Jodie Fitz on her new cookbook for helping busy families prepare fast, healthier meals on the run.  These are nutritious recipes that children will actually eat.  We are also developing a video series for Jodie.

In addition to our book publishing and my writing when I get the chance, which has not been enough lately, our production company, Mogul One Productions, continues to grow and gain exposure.  In addition to “On the Lake” which will be shopped for a national series, we have released “Via Papale: Lost Road of the Popes” on DVD and that film is earmarked for use in school fundraisers. Veteran screen and stage actor, Brian Dennehy, narrates the documentary.  

In October, Mogul One will travel to Texas to document the 25th Anniversary of a very special Fantasy Tennis Camp owned and operated by 28-time Grand Slam Champion John Newcombe.  John and his mates who account for over 150 major championships and include legends, Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, Mark Woodforde and others have been gathering for one week a year to give novice tennis junkies like myself the thrill of spending a week with some of the most talented tennis professionals ever.  Soon it will be on film for everyone to experience…and we’re doing it!

Finally on the writing front, “The Dunham Group” out of Nashville, Tennessee has picked up my first novel “The Tunnel Hoard” which had limited release, but great local success and got several bites from the Hollywood community, for representation.   We have our fingers crossed.

For more information on any of the topics above please visit  I appreciate all of your support and I will continue to strive to produce quality books and films that entertain, illuminate and inform.

Paul Rutherford

Below: ESPN tennis announcer Cliff Drysdale talks about Paul Rutherford to Patrick McEnroe on the ESPN2 telecast of the Master Series Tennis Event in Cincinnati


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