Born on October 8, 1955 in New Brunswick, Canada to parents who lived in border towns, Paul spent his first three years being raised by his grandmother (to whom he dedicated his first novel) in the rugged Canadian east. Later moving with his parents to Upstate New York, he grew up in Schenectady, a 1973 graduate of Linton High School and later a graduate of Albany State University with a Bachelor's in accounting.

After a brief career as an accountant and business consultant, he began his own importing business, which led to a period of extensive travel to Asia, before finally settling into the family mortgage banking business that he has been involved in the last eighteen years.

Paul is an avid reader with a passion for travel, tennis, writing, movies and good red wine. It was November of 1999 when he decided to put pen to paper and create his first novel — The Tunnel Hoard. After reading a disappointing offering by one of his favorite authors that prompted him to comment to his wife that he could do better — she told him to “go ahead and do it then”.

After roughly eighteen months of on and off again writing which produced half a novel, he buckled down and finished the remaining portion in two and a half months. During this period, Paul also attended classes and seminars to refine his craft, which has resulted in uncovering a talent for personal essays, many of which have been aired on National Public Radio affiliate WAMC.

Prior to finding a publisher for his novel, he was approached (through a mutual friend) about the possibility of co- authoring another book. Paul completed a non-fiction book about three World War II veterans who were drafted as teenagers and thrown headlong into the “Battle of the Bulge”. Entitled Into the Dragon’s Teeth, he wrote the manuscript with radio personality and author, Dan Lynch.
Paul has also written the fast paced action thriller, The Bahama Triangle.   He has now shifted his emphasis to film as he has written and produced several documentary films and written a script based on his first novel, “The Tunnel Hoard”. 

Paul lives with his family in Clifton Park, New York and is currently writing his next novel, A Royal Treatment and a non-fiction instructional book Straight Talk on Reverse Mortgages. He also has several other projects and films in development through his production company Mogul One Productions.


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