Dear Reader,

I’m pleased to announce that my second documentary film “Beyond the Epic Run” will be released early next year. My first documentary that I produced with my writing partner Dan Lynch and director Robert English was “Into the Dragon’s Teeth” and that aired on Channel 13 WNYT in upstate New York in December 2004 and January 2005. I was pleased to rekindle that partnership in making “Beyond the Epic Run” and to also collaborate with some excellent Hollywood talent that included my fellow producers Tomas Sammon from Make Believe Media and Paul Hendison from Diplomat Entertainment. Also involved were some very gifted editors and special effects professionals from Invisible Films.

This 90 minute documentary chronicles the inspiring story of Swiss couple, Serge and Nicole Roetheli as from 2000 – 2005 they ran unaided over 40,912 kilometers on five continents and through thirty three countries. Their event and the trials and tribulations they encountered and survived make you believe that “anything is possible.”

This film is scheduled to have a theatrical release during 2009 and we expect to do some advance screenings in late 2008. Check the website at www.beyondtheepicrun.com or this site for details about showings.

Thank you for considering this offering. I sincerely hope that you will find it as fun and entertaining to watch as it was for me to write and produce. Enjoy.

Best Wishes,

Paul Rutherford


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