The Tunnel Hoard

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World War II, Philippines 1944 – Somewhere in the jungle, Jacob Thomas peers out from behind bamboo bars at his keepers. His sixteen months of captivity has been spent digging a large tunnel into the side of a mountain. The only thing keeping him alive is the promise he made to his wife that he would come home to her.

Almost six decades later in Upstate New York, Connor Mason receives a coded message from his missing father’s estranged partner exposing a secret life and a treasure a half a world away. With his business failing, Connor decides to take his father’s place. A woman he’s seeing senses a connection between him and someone no longer living. No one wants him to go, the operation screams of disaster. Why then is he drawn to it? Above all reason; beyond any sanity. He doesn’t know and it doesn’t matter — for him the adventure is about to begin.

How about you?

P.S. The Tunnel Hoard is a work of fiction, but if you think something like this could never happen...

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What are people saying about “The Tunnel Hoard”

“One of the top 5 reads of the year”
– WGY Radio Review – Don Weeks

“Great movie material. Action, adventure, sexy and characters you can root for …and against.”
- David Ornston - Hollywood Producer

“Many hours of great reading…really great. It should be selling gangbusters and I hope it is.”
- Cliff Drysdale – ESPN

“ Rutherford has a real knack for snappy dialogue and ratcheting up the suspense.”
- Jack Rightmyer – Book Reviewer – Schenectady Gazette

“This is a book you are definitely going to finish.”
- Kathie – USA – 5-star review – Amazon.com

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